mission statement

It is Hope Again’s purpose to function primarily as a serving arm of the church, specifically to assist those who are trapped in poverty, crime and substance abuse to experience God’s love in action, and find economic, social and spiritual wholeness;  to assist the larger Church in seeing the poor and disenfranchised through God’s eyes and to partner in the ministry of Hope Again;  to build a practicing community of love and understanding between all peoples, taking seriously the message of Jesus Christ.



Ministry philosophy

Hope Again assists those in crisis develop a plan, which, if followed, will lead to stability and self-sufficiency through comprehensive, one on one case management as well as mental health counseling and discipleship.  This full-service approach to wholeness will lead clients from a place of crisis and dependence, to stability, personal dignity and self-sufficiency. We believe strongly in the power of the Cross to change lives as people trust in Christ alone for salvation. This is taught and shared openly and freely at Hope Again. We also believe in giving respect and dignity to each individual and therefore treat all with both, regardless of their faith and practice of that faith.

Hope Again works to end homelessness by providing food and hygiene items to those in need on the streets as well as running a bridge housing program for residents. We seek to show God's love in action; sharing the hope of the Gospel and a way forward out of homelessness. We provide assistance with job and housing searching, weekly counseling with a licensed therapist, resume development, and seek to give dignity to those who are trapped in poverty, crime, and substance abuse.